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What we do

dDriven drastically Reduces LPO & Operational Risk

Our Platform, dDriven, accurately computes the risk associated with any and every aspect of the business such as Plant Downtime, Compliance, Quality or Safety, and quantifies the Economic Impact of each of these risk elements over Time through sophisticated algorithms powered by AI and Cognitive Computing.

Our Digitalization Roadmap

Transforming every aspect of your manufacturing and business operations

Our Digital Vision


To be the most trusted partner in your digitalization journey.

Digitalize every aspect of manufacturing and business operations.

Our Digital Mission

Provide Analytical Insights and Strategic Foresight, and help our customers’ pursue Operations Excellence and build Disruptive Business Models

Provide actionable information within the Opportunity Window and Minimize Lost Opportunities through clear and prioritized economic perspective

Untangle complexities and Silently

Re-engineer Business Processes

Why are we in this Journey?

The Industry is at a tipping point. We are facing the most disruptive industrial revolution in the history of mankind - Digitalization.

Our founding team had been part of digitalization journey for years now and have a combined experience of more than 60 years in leveraging industrial data. dDriven is culmination of our dream to pursue the journey of this digital industrial revolution as a pure-play industrial digitalization pioneer.

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We are here to build long term relations with our customers and help them achieve data driven excellence in their organizations.